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We believe the active inclusion of our parent group through various volunteer opportunities helps ensure a successful and enjoyable season for all involved. We also believe this commitment will contribute to the longevity of the club, so we see your involvement as essential.

This organizational structure allows our coaches to focus on coaching, and our admin to be able to focus on her duties for the entire club. Your expertise and time to help with the following duties is critical to each team’s success.

Here's How...

Food Coordinating

  • Determine how team will be fed during tournaments, and how costs will be apportioned for food (collect money from parents then go to the store to buy food, distribute in gallon bags for each player and coach; or coordinate pot-luck style food to be set up somewhere on-site as a buffet for each player and coach.)

  • Make sure athletes are eating food in between each match, and that they don’t leave any trash anywhere.

Carpool Coordinating (Tournaments)

  • Most tournaments will be a bit of a drive and not all parents are able to drive their daughter at specific times. Please coordinate with the parents a carpool strategy so that all players will have a ride to each tournament. The coach will drive their own vehicle, unless otherwise arranged.

Team Bonding Activities

  • Plan and coordinate with the players and parents one or two team activities so that they can bond outside of volleyball. You can invite the coach, but it is not necessary for them to be there.


  • Work with the Club Fundraising Coordinator in communication about fundraising for your particular team. Coordinate and Communicate with the team players about fundraising efforts, results, etc. and report to the Fundraising Coordinator.

Web & Social Media Content

  • Take team pictures, individual pictures, and videos from practices and tournaments. Please send these pictures and videos as you get them to Kellsi Sperry at . Include team details that are interesting and noteworthy.





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