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Tournament Schedule

Below is the Utah AAU tournament schedule (locations of tournaments will be announced later)

Some clubs will play in every tournament offered for their team's age group.  We have chosen to play in either 4 or 5 tournaments for our teams to save costs.  However, if your team votes to add or subtract to that number of tournaments, that's perfectly fine and we will either raise or lower your club fee to reflect that.  When we pick the tournaments for your team, we try to choose every other Saturday dates, instead of two Weekends in a row.  But for some teams there may be some changes to that based on other activities that come up preventing there being enough players (high school dances, etc.)

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 12.15.45 PM.png

Tentative schedule for each age group:

12U-B:  January 6th, January 13th, February 10th, & March 23rd

12U-A: January 6th, January 13th, February 10th, & March 23rd

13U: January 13th, February 10th, March 23rd, & April 6th

15U: January 13th, February 10th, March 2nd, March 23rd, & April 6th

17U: January 19-20th, Febrauary 3rd, February 17th, March 9th, & April 13th

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