Intermediate 6 on 6

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  • Juab High School

Service Description

The following players are invited to the Intermediate 6 on 6: Brityn L Ashlyn W Kyrie B Saige G Tehga Callie M Aiden B Brianna S Roudee W Hailey Jo B Brinly L Dusti D Allyse R Brooke W Kailee I Jaclyn S The dividing up of players into levels is based on the following: Consistency- in proper mechanics and outcome of the ball Experience- number of years have been playing plus previous level experience Position- If the level above has too many consistent players in any one position, those in that same position may be asked to play at the next level down as they continue to develop and get more consistent. You will be able to play on the next level up only by invitation. If more players are needed for another level, a player from a lower level may be asked to come "sub" during that particular session. The reason for the level separations is three-fold: 1) Volleyball is a position-based sport and therefore is dependent upon players knowing their position responsibilities. Players who know their position well will typically need to move up to play with others who know their positions well in order for everyone to be able to develop. 2) if we were having a regular club season with teams, players would be divided as above, and this is a very typical practice for any club volleyball programs. 3). Some players may be ready in their skill level and knowledge to move on to more advanced coaching. These players are typically the more consistent players who aren't still developing certain skills like consistent transitioning and attack approach, or consistent passing mechanics, or consistent defense system play, etc. Our goal is to keep helping players to develop to the point where they can move up in level. We have expressed in the past that many players will be separated from their good friends as some players develop faster than others. Please don't be distraught over this. Instead, be determined to do what it takes so you too can develop and move up. Parents: sometimes we as parents believe our kids are more developed than they really are in their sport. We ask that you trust the coaches and the process as we are placing your kids in their level. Encourage your child to practice certain skills outside of trainings so that they can develop faster. We will always share with your child what it is that they need to practice at home. If you have questions, please email

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