CENTRAL UTAH, We are here for you!
It's no secret that the central utah area is lacking in club volleyball opportunities!  This is why we exist.  Most schools in central utah are smaller and in smaller towns.  The norm in these kinds of settings is that kids play more than one sport, or are involved in several different activities.  Most volleyball clubs cater to the one-sport athlete and demand a complete commitment with high prices, which presents a problem for multi-sport athletes.  Come play club volleyball with us, where we understand the importance of developing different talents and interests.  We understand when you have to miss a few practices or a tournament here and there because of your other activities.  Our pricing is lower than most clubs because of this too!

We currently practice at the Juab Jr High and High School in Nephi, Utah.

Do you play basketball or softball during the winter/spring months?

You can still play club volleyball with us!  

We see how beneficial it is for athletes to play more than one sport, and we know how important it is to continue getting volleyball touches, experience, and skill development throughout the whole year.  We work with you so you're getting better at volleyball while also making sure you're not overworking yourself during your other sport seasons.

                                        Don't be the player who has to play catch-up at the beginning of your high school season because  you didn't touch a volleyball for 5-6 months!  In the sport of volleyball, it's a genuine issue!


1). Be on a club volleyball team and go to practice & compete in tournaments when you can!  We work with you and your schedule.

2) Take at least one private or semi-private training a week with coaches who can help you keep up with skills & develop skills.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity that isn't offered at most clubs!


About the Juab Sting Volleyball Club Director

April Parady fell in love with volleyball when she was in 5th grade.  She would have to wait for her mother, a 5th grade teacher, after school for a couple of hours each day.  So she would go to the gym where the gym teacher was nice enough to give some occasional spontaneous private lessons in volleyball.  April was a multi-sport athlete (volleyball, softball, basketball, track, tennis)  but volleyball was always her passion.


 There were no volleyball clubs in her state during the 80s, or opportunities to take it to the next level.  But that didn't stop her from trying to play at higher levels as she became an adult and had 4 kids.  After having her kids she became part of a couple of teams that competed in the USA adult tournaments while living in Wisconsin and Texas.  


As her kids grew up she was determined to give them the opportunities to learn and play volleyball at higher levels that she did not get.  So she educated herself on coaching, and became an intense student of the game.

Three out of her four kids loved volleyball and stuck with it.  A son who played with Ben Patch and was a state runner-up,  and played a stint at UVU; a daughter who played for BYU and was able to go to the NCAA final four twice; and another son who took state in the boys high school league and currently plays for UVU.


After coaching her kids as they grew older, April continued to coach off and on at jr highs, clubs, and high schools.  She is currently the head coach at Juab High School.

April is committed to helping athletes reach their volleyball goals just as she was with her own kids.

April is also an avid gardener, degreed Interior Designer, writes and sells Murder Mystery Parties, and has 3 perfect grandchildren she adores.