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  • What is the difference between club volleyball and a rec league?
    Club volleyball offers "a next level" approach to the sport where athletes will learn position skills, proper mechanics, how to compete, and how to be a good teammate. Club volleyball is for those who can commit and be dedicated to doing what it takes to improve. The paid coaches have been trained in the updated current game of volleyball, how to teach volleyball, how to be a positive and uplifting coach, and how to help their team be the best they can be. We require our coaches to participate in an on-going coaching training program so that they can always be improving themselves as a coach. If you'd like your daughter to get to "the next level," club volleyball is a great choice.
  • What are tryouts like?
    Fast paced and intense! :). Needed for tryouts: good court shoes, knee pads, and athletic clothing. Your athlete will play a lot of volleyball where they will demonstrate volleyball skills, mental skills, and physical skills while being evaluated by our trained coaches and staff. Each coach will be looking for 10 athletes who will make the best fit for a well-balanced team. Athletes will be selected and notified, and then be able to choose to commit or decline. It is very common for athletes to try out for more than one club team, then choose the team with which they would like to compete.
  • What are coaches looking for at tryouts?
    The goal of a try out is to place athletes with others who have similar skill sets to make the experience enjoyable for all team members. Because of this goal, there may be times that we don't have enough athletes to field a team at the same level. But we will do our best finding a place that will benefit the athlete the most. We do not hold a "draft" style when we select teams. Each athlete will wear a color coded name tag signifying their age. They will all start out with their age group but after evaluating skills and abilities the athletes will be moved around, and some may be moved to an older age group. But no athletes will be moved to a lower age group than their own age. After the tryout, 8-10 players are chosen for each team, and then a list of alternates is proposed. Once your athlete is chosen, a deposit is required for that athlete to secure their spot on the team. Should an athlete not make the payment, or decide not to commit, then a player from the list of alternates may be contacted and chosen to join. COACHES WILL BE LOOKING FOR ATHLETES WHO EXHIBIT: Ages 15 to 18: An understanding of the game and rules A Sense of volleyball IQ Ball Control Intensity Determination Leadership qualities (both vocally and by example) Physical Shape (conditioning, strength and speed) An Understanding of quick plays, defense, and offense A coachable nature and willingness to learn/try new things Ages 11 to 14: Willingness to work hard (never walking, move fast during drills, pursue balls) Coachable and listens to the coach when they are speaking Willingness to do hard things (diving, sprawling) Will strive to stop old habits and be mindful about establishing new habits in mechanics Ability to understand the game at the higher level Athletes who are completely engaged in the drills and skill practice
  • What will my daughter gain from Juab Sting Volleyball Club?
    A better understanding of the rules of the game An increase in volleyball IQ Leadership skills Overall volleyball skill development Proper volleyball mechanics (get out of bad habits) Communication skills A firm grasp on how to work as a team, and the importance of fulfilling their role An ability to play at the next level
  • Why is club volleyball so expensive?
    At first glance the price tag of club volleyball looks very high. For this reason we are allowing monthly payments to help it be more affordable. There is a payment chart found under Pricing. We are committed to offering a qualified and trained coaching staff to your athletes, which is worth well over what is being charged for their time. Included in the price package: *coach salary *2 jerseys, which the athletes keep *a backpack with the athlete's name on it *tournament entrance fees *practice court rental fees *administration fees *team volleyball equipment additional optional items: warm ups, socks, spandex, knee pads, team practice shirt It is suggested that you do some research on other club's websites to see what they are charging for club fees. Our club comes in significantly lower than all of the other clubs. Plus we are located right here close to you. :)
  • Why do I need to get an AAU membership before my daughter commits to a team?
    We have an agreement with the AAU policy that all athletes must have a membership card before stepping on the court for a tryout. This membership takes care of several insurance and liability issues. The cost to register with AAU is $16. You have the option to bypass the AAU membership fee if you are not sure you really want to commit to a team when selected. To do this, you will need to fill out and sign the Liability Waiver Form. But if your athlete does decide to commit after being selected, the AAU membership will need to be taken care of before the first practice in December.
  • Do we need to register for tryouts?
    Yes. Prior to tryouts please complete the online Tryout Registration form found on our website. Go to the AAU website and register your daughter as a youth athlete member of the AAU and select JUAB STING VOLLEYBALL CLUB as your club. (there may be another juab sting volleyball available to select... please select the one that has the full name of Juab Sting Volleyball Club.). Print the card you receive in your email and bring it to tryouts. You will not be able to tryout without the card unless a liabilty waiver is filled out and signed.
  • Does my daughter need to play club in order to make the high school team?
    Making the high school team isn't specifically about your daughter playing club, but about how much skill she has developed. It's often quite easy for the high school coaches to tell who has played club and who hasn't developed through the club experience. The athletes who play club develop large amounts of skill and determination that shows at their high school tryouts. The athletes that show these skills and determination are they ones selected to make a high school team.
  • When and where are the club tournaments?
    Local tournaments are always on Fridays/Saturdays. There are usually 5-7 tournaments throughout a season. Some are 2 days, being a Friday afternoon/evening, and most of Saturday. And some are Saturday only, which will usually last all day. Tournaments are held at the different volleyball facilities in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, but other facilities in Ogden, Kaysville, Lehi, and local high schools have been used in the past. The location for your upcoming tournament will be posted typically the week of your tournament. The clubs do not generate the tournaments. It is done by the AAU regional centers.
  • How long is the season?
    Practices will begin the first week in December, and go until the end of April. There will be no practices over Christmas Break and Spring Break.
  • How often are practices?
    Practices will be held for 2.5 hours, twice a week. Depending on when we are able to schedule a gym, some practice times/days may vary.
  • Will all players get equal playing time?
    Coaches are instructed to play all athletes fairly, but they do not have to play equally. The nature of the game of volleyball allows for only a certain number of substitutions and only in certain positions. Each team will have a different make up of each position, which makes it virtually impossible to play all athletes equally. All players will get a guaranteed PRACTICE time, but not always a guaranteed GAME PLAYING time. However, each team will only have 8-10 players which allows for each player to have a role on the team.
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