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Trainings keep filling up fast.  And we are adding more every week, so be sure to keep checking back to see new ones.  

Unfortunately we have to treat this training program just like regular club practices, in that we cannot provide refunds or transfers if you miss a training that you signed up for.  Just like there are no portion refunds if you miss a club team practice.  The coaches still need to be paid for the job they are doing.


However, because of the current Covid restrictions,  If you have to quarantine you will be able to transfer to another training.  

The trainings are divided into 3 levels: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner.


Advanced: has played higher levels of club volleyball before, knows rotations, plays a certain position (or two.)

Intermediate:  has played lower levels of club before, may only be familiar with rotations or doesn't know them yet.  Can serve overhand but may not be a consistent server yet. May still be working on an attack approach.  Knows the basics of passing.

Beginner:  does not know rotations, does not play a certain position yet, cannot yet serve overhanded, has played rec ball in the past, or is new to all volleyball and wants to learn.

After scheduling you will be prompted to pay for your sessions on this website using a credit card.  

We are setting up packages to use for Feb, Mar, and Apr.  But for the rest of January you will need to purchase trainings separately.  Thank you for your patience.

WHY have we decided to do club this way this year?

* This will enable more kids in our community to reap the benefits of affordable volleyball trainings at a higher level

* There is a tremendous need in this community to develop individual volleyball skills in order to help full teams be able to compete at a higher level.

* Covid19 is still in full force and may continue another 6 months. With an emphasis on training instead of competing, there will be less of a possibility of interruptions/cancellations since our trainings will not exceed 10 people at a time.

* Having small group trainings will be more possible than regular full team practices when we don't have proper gym space available yet.

* Every volleyball player needs some more individualized trainings, which is not possible when focusing on the normal team practices.

* This format will help multi-sport athletes be able to focus more on their high school in-season sport, while still safely keeping up with volleyball training.

Examples of the type of small group trainings that will be available:

-Beginning Attacking (transitioning, approach, arm swing, contact)

-Beginning Serving (overhand serving, jump float serving, arm swing, contact)

-Beginning Setting (releasing in each rotation, setter footwork, setter contact)

-Beginning Passing (passing mechanics, passing footwork, platform angles)

-Intermediate Attacking (pass and go, different tempo approaches, swinging with range, contacting high, hitting the Slide)

-Intermediate Serving (Short serving, fast float serving, serving to spots)

-Intermediate Setting (jump setting, consistent location, different tempo sets)

-Intermediate Passing/Digging (perfecting mechanics, Defense systems, Reading, Passing Consistency)

-Advanced Attacking (hitting line from both pins, back row hitting: A-Pipe-D, tooling the block, hitting high hands, hitting the quick set, tipping after selling the swing)

-Advanced Serving (fast float serve, serving low and fast, making the ball actually float, top spin jump serving)

-Advanced Setting (setting the quick 1, 6, 31, and biq, setting the shoot set, making good setting choices, dumping, being a leader)

-Advanced Defense (digging advanced hitters, swing blocking, reading your opponent with accuracy, off blocker responsibilities, jousting, playing the ball out of the net, blocking and digging back row hits)

-Mental Toughness during competition

-Playing with Endurance, Determination, and Competitiveness

-How to be a Team Player

-Developing Leadership Skills that goes with your own personality

-Strength and Conditioning for Volleyball (including increasing your vertical jump & becoming more explosive)

-Developing court awareness, increasing your volleyball IQ, analyzing the game

Trainings will start Mid-January!

Pricing for these trainings will be formatted in "package deals" where you get to choose how many trainings you'd like per month.

We are currently putting these packages together....Look for them soon!

Players will be able to go online and sign up for the trainings they would like.  Coaches will offer guidance each week to players on which level trainings they are ready for.

Those who are selected to play in tournaments will need to pay the normal club fees associated with how many tournaments their team will play in, in addition to their training package.  They will receive two t-shirt jerseys for tournaments, but to keep costs low, warm ups & back packs will not be available.

Please email April@juabstingvolleyball.com if you have any questions.


Our Mission

To provide a positive opportunity for athletes in the Juab County, Utah area to rise to a new level in the sport of volleyball, while also developing valuable leadership and teamwork skills.


We will teach proven methods in volleyball mechanics and systems that have been successful in many top programs across the country.


Our coaches have been trained in positive coaching methods and will strive to give your athlete a worthwhile and beneficial experience.